Vermilion Energy

For the second largest onshore oil & gas supplier Vermilion Energy The Netherlands we received the esteemed order for the overhaul and rebuilt of a Wellhead Control Panel using the materials out of two existing Wellhead Control Panels. Next to a complete new line-up of components, tubing and wiring, an additional choke valve operation section has been created inside the cabinet. Delivery time including pressure-, leak-, and function testing was achieved within ten weeks after PO.



For a major project in Russia we have supplied 22 off double acting and 25 off spring return actuators with a manual override by means of a handhweel. With the handwheel we are able to overrule (override) the system in case of electrical or air failure. This results in a valve which is operable at all time, even in the undesirable situation of no supply pressure and/or electricity.DA + MO

Valve World Interview

DAC Technologies recently won a contract to supply 35 pneumatic linear spring return actuators for the NSRP (Nghi Son Refinery Project) in Vietnam. The largest actuator for this project has an outside diameter of 1500mm, a height of over 2400mm and a weight of over 10 tonnes as well as a spring ending force (ETC) of over 350.000N (36.000+ kgf.) They are mounted to 42″ class 300# valves.

Valve World interview DAC Technologies