Vår Energi Jotun A FPSO

Rosenberg Worley Norway and Bluewater Energy Services B.V. are currently upgrading the Vår Energi Jotun A FPSO to extend the life of the Balder area in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.

The turret refurbishment will be engineered and designed by BES and being performed in Dubai yard while the FPSO will be handled in the Rosenberg Worley Stavanger Yard.

Into the new turret a number of 61 main actuated valves will be installed, including the 6 Nos’s of high pressure and high integrity Mokveld Choke valves.

The 61 No’s of valves will be powered and controlled by the Main HPU which was purchased by BES at DAC Technologies BV in the 3rd quarter of last year with a delivery request to be delivered in middle of April 2021.

The HPU has been engineered, designed, delivered and mounted as hanging configuration, to be connected to the rotating FPSO Turret, the total weight of the HPU is around 10 Tonnes.

HPU is supplied with 2 No’s main pumps, 2 No’s tanks (Main and return tank) SS316 piston accumulator with capacity in order to stroke each valve for one stroke without the need to power up the system and a sliding lifting beam construction on top of the HPU in order to remove parts from the HPU in case of any maintenance required.

The design of the HPU has been verified by DNV, while both Rosenberg and Vår Energi were available during the inspections and factory acceptance tests.

The upgraded Jotun A FPSO is expected production start in the second half of 2022.

Vermilion Energy

For the second largest onshore oil & gas supplier Vermilion Energy The Netherlands we received the esteemed order for the overhaul and rebuilt of a Wellhead Control Panel using the materials out of two existing Wellhead Control Panels. Next to a complete new line-up of components, tubing and wiring, an additional choke valve operation section has been created inside the cabinet. Delivery time including pressure-, leak-, and function testing was achieved within ten weeks after PO.



For a major project in Russia we have supplied 22 off double acting and 25 off spring return actuators with a manual override by means of a handhweel. With the handwheel we are able to overrule (override) the system in case of electrical or air failure. This results in a valve which is operable at all time, even in the undesirable situation of no supply pressure and/or electricity.DA + MO

Valve World Interview

DAC Technologies recently won a contract to supply 35 pneumatic linear spring return actuators for the NSRP (Nghi Son Refinery Project) in Vietnam. The largest actuator for this project has an outside diameter of 1500mm, a height of over 2400mm and a weight of over 10 tonnes as well as a spring ending force (ETC) of over 350.000N (36.000+ kgf.) They are mounted to 42″ class 300# valves.

Valve World interview DAC Technologies